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grounded in nature, supported through science and ancient wisdom

For millennia, crystals were used around the world for health and beauty. Both classical writings as astrological studies point to the healing properties of crystals and their positive influence on the mind and body. Phenomenal takes this ancient wisdom to the next level by unlocking the holistic healing powers of crystals while promoting a radiant, vibrant skin.

The harmonious synergy of crystals with powerful botanicals and herbs results in a skin feeling smoother, firmer, refreshed and rejuvenated. Discover how the natural energy of crystals is the perfect way to restore your skin’s radiance and make it softer and more beautiful. Only the best that nature has to offer with ingredients of the highest quality, in their most pure forms, carefully chosen for non-irritating properties.

By bringing you concentrations of crystals we create a protective field around the body and blend them with powerful botanicals, natural effective herbal essences and oils, resulting in the next level skincare

Unlocking the beauty of crystals, they really let
you and your skin shine

We looked for a way to put selfcare where it belongs, and that is within everyone of us.

“We’re so happy that we could bring the best that nature has to offer with what life teaches us. Taking care of yourself is essential to be there for others and with Phenomenal we make that tangible. What we earn we give back to continue our quest to support selfcare with nature’s gifts for everyone

Sara De Geyter & Kim Milants,Founders of Phenomenal vzw

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