Discover our Body N°21

Next level skincare – Phenomenal has unlocked the holistic, healing powers of crystals to promote radiant, vibrant skin. The synergistic action of the natural ingredients act on all chakras.

What does our N°21 has to offer you?

The Phenomenal Body N°21 brings out the most beautiful version of you. With the best ingredients nature has to offer, it is crafted in small batches in our own studio. We use only active, plant-based ingredients and natural oils. These skin ‘superfoods’ are very rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are all organic.

Nourish your skin, balance and heal your body

The highly effective body lotion N°21 brings care and nourishment for your entire body & soul. Body N°21 hydrates the skin and makes it smooth, supple and revitalized. It brings your skin back to its finest form. Did we mention it… It’s scent is truly enchanting!

What makes it a true body caretaker?

Phenomenal Skincare is made with the world’s finest plant oils and absolutes. The best that nature has to offer with ingredients of the highest quality, in their most pure forms, carefully chosen for non-irritating properties.

Only natural ingredients, Vegan, GMO free, Cruelty-free, and free from synthetic compound and toxic chemicals.

Ingredients: Squalane -joba oil – shea butter – sweet almond oil – cocoa butter – damascus rose hydrolate – rooibos – marigold – orange blossom – essential oils with jasmine and patchouli in the lead ( contains : limonene, linalool, geraniol, eugenol, citronellol)

Infused crystals: golden healer – rose quartz – blue chalcedony – shungite – heliotrope

Range of application: Cell regeneration – recovery – skin ageing – pigmentation spots – collagen production – lifting effect – external protection – antioxidant – natural glow – soft and smooth skin – dry spots – scars and stretch marks – psoriasis

Directions for use: Massage a desired amount onto the entire body, being sure to focus on dry area skin. For maximum results, apply every day. Excellent for all skin types.